Design tools

Innovative tools designed to easily turn your client list of needs to a detailed seating plan.

Our quick two-step process ensures you can turn any abstract list of needs and organization charts into a thorough seating plan, saving you time and money

Define your client’s exact requirements through the space calculator.

Enjoy detailed seating plans on a specific floor, with the possibility for multiple alternatives to choose from.

Space calculator

The space calculator enable leasing teams , brokers & tenants reps to save days in turning the clients exact list of requirements into a very detailed list of spaces & calulation of the total sqm needed taking in mind ratios of corridors and gross to net ratios


Seating plan

Develop in-depth seating plans with PROPT, giving alternative sitting plans for your clients as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

  1. Upload seating plan list of needs
  2. Upload your floor plan or property drawings
  3. Receive a complete and affordable seating plan.
  4. You can get a few alternatives for the same space.